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KADIA stands for Knowledge And Development Into Action.


Our vision is to provide a variety of learning services enabling individual and organisational development.

 Leadership and Life Coaching   -   Leadership Development    -   Trainer Development

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote thought, enabling individual and organisational development, bespoke to needs and easily transferable to the workplace. This will be achieved in accordance with our core values:

  • We will focus on customer needs and will display and promote high ethical standards and an ethos of fairness to all people.
  • We will promote continuous professional development believing that learning events are not an end in themselves – it is what people do as result of the learning that is important,
  • We believe that learning takes place most effectively if it is delivered in a context of reality.
  • Learning should be stimulating, challenging and fun.
  • People will be encouraged to explore situations and identify a way forward
  • Learning enables people to turn fine, but empty, words into action
  • Learning should drive personal and business performance.

Commitment to Fairness

We actively display and promote fairness to all people regardless of anything that makes them different from others and recognising that people may have individual needs.

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Mar 21, 2017
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Our chosen charity:
Headway - the brain injury association