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Indicative Areas of Work

Below are summarised workshop/courses that could readily be offered to clients. The specific content will be adapted to address different roles of learners, and the specific needs or requirements of individual clients.

 People Development & Trainer Training

Leadership and life coaching
Cognitive based coaching - helping people to think differently
Trainer Training - from overview to full trainer trainers courses
Assessment and Development of Training staff
Accelerated Learning & Advanced trainer skills
Principles of coaching
Presentation Skills
Development of Training Management

Knowing Yourself As a Leader

Leading effectively
Communication and interpersonal skills
Giving and receiving feedback
Time management
Conflict Management
Problem solving
Managing Change
Ethical leadership
A fair approach to diversity

Leading Effective Teams

Leadership roles for teams and the organisation
Motivation. Theories and practice
Situational leadership
Decision making
Creative Thinking
Leading meetings
Team dynamics
Leading change
Emotional Intelligence
Developing diversity
Getting the best from staff
Planning an appraisal meeting
Creating a healthy and productive working environment

Leading Effective Organisations

As well as providing learning events exploring such issues, KADIA can run workshops to assist in real time development of these aspects.

Exploring strategy
Vision and mission
Strategic Objectives
Managing individual, team and organisational performance
Developing key values and key personal attributes
Stakeholder Management
Partnership working
Training Management
Evaluating effectiveness (of training and / or operations)
Effective selection process
Cultural change
The benefits of a diverse workforce

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