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Apr 10, 2013

Training New Trainers

Delighted to receive repeat business training police trainers in Abu Dhabi.

One of the concepts that I hope to develop with the delegates is their role in helping to drive forward organisational performance.   All too often organisational goals and values are seen as “fine words on the wall “,  I see part of the trainers role is to create opportunities to embed these aspects in their delivery and encourage delegates to work with and explore the issues.  In this way we help to “turn the fine words into action”.

My approach encourages some principles which I believe are essential for effective trainers to follow:

  • Adults learn best in a context of reality – they need to see the point of the learning.
  • Adults bring experiences to the group which can be explored and debriefed to develop learning.
  • Learning is a social activity and adults can work effectively together to solve problems.
  • Variety stimulates.
On this occasion I will be working with the organision for a six week period delivering a comprehensive trainer training programme.  In this time there will be opportunity for delegates to explore and practice many aspects.    Hopefully I will help people recognise that actively involving their delegates will lead to far more effective learning than if they were just to talk at them.  

The approach I undertake can be tailored bespoke to specific client need and individual circumstance.   Length can also be influenced by the availability of on-going workplace support and development opportunity. 

Feedback from the last course was very positive and I have shown some representative comments below:

  • Benefit in my life andcareer
  • Raised my awareness of diversity
  • Made me think in new ways
  • Taken me to a new level
  • Variety – not boring.
  • I now have many new learning and teaching styles
  • Helped me to look inside myself
  • I enjoyed both trainers personalities
  • Very important course - benefitted a lot and recommend all trainers to attend


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