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Nov 25, 2013

Writing New Programme


Recently I was pleased to be asked to write a course for the College of Policing, suitable for use in training potential police trainers in other countries.   This work is on behalf of the International Academy at Bramshill.  Their role is to:

 support the development of professional and accountable policing throughout the world by delivering effective learning and training assistance in the fields of operational policing and police leadership.

You can find more information by following this link 

 The main challenge I had was devising a programme with potential to deliver consistent programme objectives and stay true to my core values with regard to ethical policing and ethical training, whilst being flexible enough to respect different cultures and local needs.

 This got me thinking on a familiar topic; how people learn most effectively and why the experiential programme I was developing would be very different from the instructional style still favoured by some.   

 This has motivated me to develop my random meanderings into my latest blog……….Thinking About Learning




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