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Mar 22, 2014

Interesting Times

This year I have continued work supporting the development of people in Qatar,  with a total of six weeks spent there so far this year.    The feedback following my last trip  was extremely positive and therefore reassuring that we are having a positive impact.

Having been away so much it was nice to spend some time in the UK and I have just finished delivering a programme examining the core skills and values of being a police trainer in the UK.     This was delivered to people working for the College of Policing and when they successfully complete some required assignments and effectively demonstrate their teaching ability, they will receive the new award in Education and Training.    They were a stimulating, and capable,  group of people to work with and as always it was a privelidge to be allowed to explore so many issues with them.

I now have a couple of weeks at home,   working on some other initiatives with regard to leadership training and then I anticipate some work in Abu Dhabi during April and May.   After that nothing much in the diary as yet  so any thoughts are always welcome.

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