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May 1, 2014

In Abu Dhabi

I am currently delivering a six week course to train new police trainers in Abu Dhabi.    This particular course has a low number of delegates and I am really enjoying the increased opportunities to explore issues with them.  Hopefully really making them think.     I am impressed by their enthusiasm and the way they are engaging with the tasks.

Whilst many will think that living in a nice hotel is fantastic  I tend to get a bit fed up, after all there are only so many lengths to be swum in a swimming pool and only so many walks that can be undertaken.     So I am grasping the nettle and starting to write a book that has been in my mind for some time.

The working title is 'educating aliens'  -  drawing analogies between the diverse needs of visitors from other planets to the many ways in which learners are different in our more earthly classrooms.    Hopefully it will be worth a read when complete.  I will keep you updated about me and my aliens.

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