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Jun 22, 2015

A Tweet at Conference

The Usefulness of Twitter


I have just spent an enjoyable and thought provoking two days at the Northern Area Partnership Conference organised by a group of CIPD branches.

This was an exciting  conference  which reinforced many of my beliefs that it is people who make the difference to performance in an organisation  and that positive values ,developing an environment of trust are far more important than the , often counterproductive, development of rafts of rules, policies and performance targets.

All of this is of course supported by authentic positive leaders and by contemporary approaches to Learning &Development

A nice surprise was  learning the benefits of twittering during conference.   We were encouraged to tweet using the phrase #CIPDNAP15.    I worried this may be disruptive but found tweeting helped consolidate key points and learn perspective of other tweeters.    It was fascinating to read tweets from sessions I had not been in – helping me pick up on other thoughts.

So writing this blog has been easy,   what I have decided to do is share some of my tweets from the conference to give a flavour of what was covered.      Anyone who wants to see more can always search on the tag #CIPDNAP15   and also #CIPDNAP2015 which some used in error sometimes.  (including me).


Remember these are just my tweets   @ThinkBlueSpot      There are so many other tweets giving many different perspectives available for those that want to have a look on one of the tags above.


  • How can we encourage curious learners. What do they look like, sound like, feel like
  • BYOD bring your own device.....how can you build into a learning event....variety stimulates!
  • Are you confident enough as a trainer to encourage learners to use google and social media in class
  • An unknown reward can be a better motivator than a known one.....food for thought
  • Calm - the campaign against living miserably - a serious message!
  • Emotional engagement is more deep seated than transactional engagement ( cipd)
  • How do we use emotions in learning
  • Remember the world we exist in is goes beyond cognitive . How can we think differently
  • people need to feel safe emotionally
  • I already want to be involved cos the environment looks good and feels good
  • I already want to be involved cos the environment looks good and feels good
  • Be an optimistic leader- create happiness when you walk in a room not out of it - thanks laughology
  • Building relationships comes before good business
  • Even heavy learning can be fun . Fun doesn't mean stupid
  • Laughology. - I love it, makes me want to smile just thinking about the company name
  • Learners can be like aliens from another planet. How do you meet their needs and talk their language
  • Make people think, if it's ethical and it works do it.
  • It's not the learning event that is most important - it's what you do differently as a result
  • So much food for thought - important to make sense of it later
  • Is tweeting during sessions disruptive? For me it is consolidating thoughts ..but maybe not always
  • Should we develop strengths rather than focus on (allowable) weaknesses
  • Certain voices are never heard and that leads to missed opportunities
  • Oh the benefits of being interested in what others have to say
  • We tend to stick with people like us - and therefore miss so much
  • Workplace conversations, important stuff
  • You can tell an event is good when it's all people are chattering about over lunch
  • Let's promote the importance of ethical contemporary L&D in driving performance
  • People like to be proud of where they work...how can we develop realistic pride
  • Forget any percentages - an engaging speaker makes a difference
  • When did you last get thanked for doing your job well. When did you last thank someone?
  • Can you succinctly state your purpose
  • Are our values truly OUR values?
  • It's about people, so let's treat people like people
  • Yes it's important to challenge and test yourself in new ways



Tweets are often not an end in themselves but a catalyst to thought!

What will you do differently as a result of reading this blog?





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