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Aug 10, 2012

My current delivery

Working on this particular PTLLS course at level 4 means that I can apply some of the principles that I think are really important in respect of learning and development.  

The client I am working for is very keen that as well as addressing the required learning outcomes of the PTLLS programme we should contextualise it to the values of their organisation.      I am really happy to do this as it fits so nicely with some essential principles of adult learning and the KADIA approach.

  • Learning will drive forward and enable organisation performance
  • Learning will be linked to the reality of the delegates
  • As our approach will be so relevant, it will aid transfer of learning

Because we will be working at level four there will be a need for the delegates to analyse things more, to explore issues and reflect on why we are doing things in certain ways.      I believe that my job is to create opportunities to help the learners think.    This fits nicely with one of my favourite phrases       (with thanks to Socrates)

  • “I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.”

So the delegates have a busy time coming up, but it is a qualification worth having which will help them in turn to “make their learners think”.     Hopefully we will have an enjoyable time as well, certainly that is the plan.

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