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Apr 2, 2013

Successful leadership course delivered

Just returned from Qatar where, together with a colleague, I delivered a successful leadership course to a number of officers working within their Ministry of the Interior.

This particular course focused on the Foundations of leadership and, as well as other things, enabled discussion about how organisational values can influence how things are done and how decisions are made.

It also discussed how leaders can help bring the organisational and indeed national vision to life.  This is particularly interesting in Qatar as they move towards their national 2030 Vision.      This vision is based on four pillars which I feel are relevant in many environments.

  1. Human Development - of all its people
  2. Social Development – a just and caring society based on high moral standards
  3. Economic Development – a high standard of living now and in the future
  4. Environmental Development

It was great to be able to discuss with the delegates the opportunity that they have to be part of real change, whilst still respecting appropriate values and traditions.

We were very pleased with the feedback and a representative sample is shown below:


  • The style of the trainers 
  • Like the assessment approach -  it is real
  • Effective communications
  • Method of teaching is great
  • Obvious respect for religion and culture
  • Clear explanations
  • Effective contributions from students
  • Excellent
  • Constructive

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